Modifying your own slides

  1. Be sure your personal fork of the course-materials is up to date by syncing it to the one on

  2. Pull the most recent changes from your fork to your local machine.

  3. Make changes to slides.qmd and save.

Publishing your own slides

Quarto Pub is a free service for publishing quarto documents, including slides, online. Start by setting up an account at

  1. Once you are set up with an account, in the terminal, navigate to the directory that contains your slides, for example: cd summarizing-numerical-data.

  2. Open slides.qmd and, ensure that under revealjs: that you add the option self-contained: true. (read more here)

  3. In that directory run:

quarto publish quarto-pub slides.qmd
  1. You may be prompted to answer a few questions at the terminal. If it successfully published, it will provide a link to your published document

  2. At this point, you’re all set!

If you’d like to learn more about publishing with Quarto Pub, see the official documentation.

Test it out!

Test it out by working in a much simpler directory than course-materials, one called practice-repo. Since you won’t be pushing any commits back up to GitHub, you don’t need a create your own fork.

  1. Create a new project in Rstudio from a version control repository and paste in for the url.

  2. Modify slides.qmd in the summarizing-numerical-data directory by, say, replacing "Instructor" with your name in the header.

  3. In the terminal, navigate into the sub-directory with the slides: cd summarizing-numerical-data

  4. Still at the terminal, publish your slides:

    quarto publish quarto-pub slides.qmd

    Click through any prompts you might see at the terminal.

  5. If it publishes successfully, the terminal will print a link to your published document. Visit that site and check the link at the top that it says that it has been “Published at …”. It should appear as <user_name>