Lab 6: Diagnosing Cancer

STAT 20: Introduction to Probability and Statistics

Fine needle aspiration biopsy

Artificial intelligence in medicine

  • Automating certain diagnostic tasks can increase access to healthcare

  • Global shortage of pathologists, especially outside of wealthy healthcare systems

    • Expert pathologists take years to be fully trained (4 year medical school + 4 year residency)

Lab 6: breast cancer diagnosis

  • Samples are 568 biopsies
    • Each biopsy has 30 features
  • Goal: classify biopsy as benign or malignant

Nuclear morphology

  • Morphology = what the cell looks like under a microscope
    • size, shape, texture
  • Cells in malignant biopsies tend to
    • be larger
    • irregularly shaped
    • highly variable
  • Only measure morphology of cell nucleus

10 nuclear morphology features

30 biopsy features

Lab worktime