Lab 7: A Matter of Taste

STAT 20: Introduction to Probability and Statistics

Making Claims with Data

  • So far: Pose question -> observe data -> analyze data -> make claim.
  • e.g. Iranian election:
    1. Did fraud occur?
    2. Observe vote counts by city.
    3. Test of hypothesis that votes follow Benford’s law.
    4. Votes don’t follow Benford’s law well but not clear that this means fraud.

Making Claims with Data

  • This week:
    1. Identify possible claim
    2. Imagine analysis that would show it.
    3. Plan data collection to allow that analysis.
    4. Carry out data collection + analysis.
    5. Check claim.

But first

Please get into groups of 3 (or 4). Take turns introducing yourselves.

A Matter of Taste

Your challenge: Determine whether you can affect one your teammates’ perceptions of bubble water by manipulating their experience of tasting.

Each team will have access to

  • 50 minutes (half of next class)
  • 2 cans of soda water, each one from a different flavor
  • small paper cups
  • saltine crackers
  • other materials welcome

Group Members

Question and Hypotheses





Things to remember

  • Be precise in your protocol.
  • Be sure your claim corresponds to your protocol corresponds to your data corresponds to your plots.
  • Important: Lab 7.1 must be fully completed and shown to instructor before beginning Lab 7.2. Finish today if possible, by Friday night (due date) at latest.