Summarizing Numerical Data

class date

September 7, 2022

Question 1

Which of the following plot types maintain all of the information found in the original data set?

  1. dot plot ( ) histogram ( ) violin plot ( ) box plot

Question 2

If you wish to see less detail in your histogram and perform more aggregation, which of the following is the best course of action?

( ) switch to a dot plot ( ) switch to a bar chart ( ) instead of presenting the histogram, display the original data frame with the raw data (X) increase the bin width of the histogram ( ) decrease the bin width of the histogram

Question 3

Which word best describes a distribution with a long tail stretching out to the left?

  1. left skewed ( ) right skewed ( ) unimodal ( ) heteroskedastic

Question 4

In which situation does the median do a better job than the mean at capturing the center of a distribution? Select the best answer.

( ) when the median is less than the mean ( ) when the median is greater than the mean (X) when the variable under study is known to have a strongly skewed distribution ( ) when the mode doesn’t exist