Lab 0: Getting Started with R, RStudio and Quarto

Complete the following questions in a Quarto document (.qmd). Render this document to HTML, print the corresponding HTML to PDF, and then submit the final PDF to Gradescope by Tuesday, Janaury 23rd at 9am!

Question 1

Where are you from or where would you like to visit?

part a

Tell us the county and state that you are from. If you are from outside the United States, provide the name of a county and state that you would like to visit. This text needs to show up as a header!

part b

Copy 1-3 paragraphs about this place from its Wikipedia page, and cite the page using a hyperlink.

part c

Write an enumerated list of your top three favorite things about this place.

Question 2

part a

In an R chunk, perform any calculation that results in the number 20. Make sure the number 20 prints out to the screen.

part b

Create the data frame of Problem Set 1, Question 3 using R code and save it into the object my_classmates.

Question 3

Survey respondents are often asked questions containing answer choices belonging to what is called Likert Scale.

part a

Visit the Wikipedia page for the Likert Scale and create a vector containing the options within a typical, five-level Likert Scale.

part b

Then, use the factor() function to sort the levels of the vector you made in part a from decreasing to increasing.